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The mortgage calculator and comparison tool present data based on information collected from banks. Thanks to this, everyone can easily compare offers and find the one tailored to their needs.

Mortgage simulation, or what is the installment calculator?

Mortgage simulation, or what is the installment calculator?

The word “credit” is terrifying. Many people are afraid of hidden costs, but in fact, a little knowledge is enough not to get lost in the maze of offers and choose the best ones.

To this end, Good Finance proposes a simple tool in the form of an installment calculator. Use it because mortgage simulation dispels all doubts.

The installment calculator eliminates the need for complex calculations. You will quickly get to know the installment amount, guaranteeing yourself the comfort and saving valuable time.

Mortgage simulation – how to use the installment calculator


The simple construction of the calculator allows you to use the tool intuitively – three fields have been specified in which you need to mark the appropriate values:

  • amount of credit,
  • repayment period,
  • interest.

After entering the appropriate amounts and interest rate, simply approve it by clicking “Calculate loan installment”. The most favorable bank offers are displayed at the top, but the mortgage simulation also allows you to segregate them by APRC, commission and total repayment amount, in an increasing or decreasing manner, depending on the user’s needs.

The same types of data are displayed for all offers, making them easy to compare. The Little Em’ ly calculator not only allows you to calculate equal installments but also decreasing installments.

In the case of equal installments, their amount remains the same every month. When we deal with decreasing installments, loan repayment starts with higher amounts and decreases over time. What you choose depends primarily on your loan repayment options, i.e. whether your current income is sufficient to cover any higher installments at the beginning.

Mortgage simulation, i.e. choosing the right loan


Remember that mortgage simulation is not tantamount to granting a loan, because banks require the delivery of relevant documents and must first assess the customer’s creditworthiness. However, through the calculator, using the “Find the best loan” button and then “Ask for a loan” you can contact the bank service faster and receive a loan proposal that is tailored to your individual needs and possibilities.

The above simulation of mortgage repayment shows that depending on whether you choose fixed or decreasing installments, the loan will cost more or less. Decreasing installments are more profitable. In this case, you can save PLN 15,728.10.

Mortgage simulation – offer comparison engine, i.e. quick access to data


The mortgage comparator does not present a detailed installment repayment schedule, but provides access to the following data:

  • interest,
  • APR,
  • commission,
  • amount to be repaid,
  • amount of installment.

It will allow you to pre-figure out which loan offers are noteworthy because it will display them already sorted, from the most profitable ones from the customer’s point of view.

On the same day, I checked the installments, the GFI mortgage simulation was displayed in the first position. The top five most cost-effective real estate financing solutions include loans from the following banks:

Despite the highest commission, Good Finance guarantees the best loan repayment terms. Thanks to the Good Finance comparison tool, you can check the most important information for the borrower, then use the form available on the website and send the application to the bank.